Changing and returning products

Product replacement policy

The company is happy to exchange the products within 7 working days, based on the day the product is returned is important. With terms for changing products In the following cases

  1.     The product is damaged or in damaged packaging Due to the transportation process
  2.     The product must not be changed or damaged.
  3.     In the event of a defect in the production process, such as incomplete pages Incomplete publication Stitching and finishing are not finished. Can be changed in the same book name and ISBN only.
  4.     In case of shortage of products And books that have a pre-order. The product replacement period depends on the delivery time of the product owner to the company.
  5.     The customer will be responsible for the shipping costs of the replacement. By inquiring about the request to exchange products with staff at number 027267340 or email And can send products that need to be changed by post or deliver by yourself at Reed Dee Company Limited 4, Chalermprakiet Ror 9 Road, Soi 48 Intersection 12, Dokmai Sub-district, Prawet District, Bangkok 10250
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Refund policy

The company is happy to refund money for products to customers. Under the following conditions

  •     If the customer chooses to pay by credit card, the company will return the credit limit to the credit card account. Within the next working day
  •     In case the customer pays by money transfer, the company will transfer the money into the customer's savings account within 15 working days from the date of the company. Has examined and confirmed the return of the product